"Your Competitors Don't Want You To Attend This Event!"
Better Clients. Less Work. More Profit.
Jimbo Balaam
Host of The Auto Detailing Podcast
"For the second time, I've brought in my personal secret weapon... The marketing genius Pete Mitchell! You'd be crazy not to be at this."
What Is The Detailer Marketing Bootcamp?
For the first time ever, top detailers from across the world are gathering together online to share notes on what's working NOW to attract better clients while working less and making more profit...

In the past these event have only been held in person... This year, everything has changed. 

For the first time ever, we opened up the doors to top detailers to come and share in the client attraction strategies that are working right now... and allow you to 'Steal These Strategies' via Live Stream! 

This is THE event that your competition doesn't want you to attend!
Better Clients. Less Work. More Profit.

Unlike other events with a bunch of random speakers, this event is choreographed to help you start 
and scale your DETAILER MARKETING PLAN... Let us show you the way as we take this journey together...

At This Half Day Event, You Will Discover:
If you are looking for how to take your business to the next level by attracting better clients, working less and making more take-home profit, then read on... This event is one that you can't afford to miss!
  • How to have an endless supply of clients - So you never wonder about where your next dollar is going to come from...
  • The secrets to online marketing - How to get clients on demand...
  • How to turn your detailing hobby into an asset - When you are ready to get out of the business, you know have an asset to sell...
  • Strategies to make twice the money with half the clients - No where does it say you have to work hard to make more money...
  • How to start off the month with $10,000 collected before you've even seen your first client - Yes, this is not only possible, it's what all the big guns do...
  • Discover how to automate your client attraction - Nothing is worse than trying to figure out where your next client is going to come from...
  • Where the BIG money in detailing is - And how to get your unfair share of it...
  • The secret to a six figure business is simply getting others to sent their clients to you. Here's how to make that happen - 92% of fortune 500 companies get others to send them their clients. You'll discover how to make that happen in your business as well...
  • And So Much More...
The Auto Detailing Live Stream is being held on August 29th • 9am-12pm PST (12pm-3pm EST)
About Jimbo Balaam

Jimbo is the owner and operator of Jimbo’s Auto Detailing in Southern California.  

When Jimbo started as a detailer, he had ZERO clients. He started this business during the worst economy since the Great Depression and grew it into a thriving six figure business. 

Despite that many people told him that it was the worst time in history to start a business and on top of that a business that was more of a “luxury item” then a necessity. He decided to launch anyway. 

In 2014 Jimbo launched, what has become, the most popular podcast on Auto Detailing. Some of the guests that have been heard on his podcast are as follows:

• Renny Doyle, Detailer Of Air Force One 
• Berry Meguiar from Meguairs 
• Nick Champman from Gas Monkey Garage 
• Kevin Davis - Detailer's Helper Belt 
•The guys from Meguairs, Optimum Polymer Technologies 
• Richard Lin from Black WOW / CS-II Coatings 
• Rob Schufer from the International Detailing Association 
• Joe Fernandez from Superior Shine 
• Darren Priest, YouTube Sensation 
• Jason Rose from Rupes USA 
• Todd Helm from Rupes USA 
What Detailers Are Saying About Jimbo's Auto Detailing Podcast:
"Awesome podcast. Good info for pros and beginners..."
"...Can't wait to listen to the upcoming podcasts..."
Detailing Art
"I love what you are doing for the trade... Keep up the good work!"
About Pete Mitchell
Who Else Wants Proven Strategies To Generating More Profit?

Pete Mitchell is a Master Growth and Marketing Strategist and the recognized expert and creator of Instant Results Advertising. Pete's powerful, proven strategies have been used by thousands of businesses of all sizes and generated over 6.5 billion dollars in sales. 

Pete leads several groups of entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals who want to discover better, faster and more effective ways to market their business and grow their profits.

Pete has delivered over 500 seminars all across America and is the author of 7 books including the updated and revised Scientific Advertising: Crushing Your Competition Like Ants On The Sidewalk and What Everyone Ought To Know About Facebook Advertising: How You Too Can Generate Red Hot Qualified Leads In The Next 20 Minutes With Facebook.

Pete is also an avid fight fan and the publisher of MMA Main Event Magazine:
MMA Main Event Magazine
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